Our Donors

Here’s our Donors Hall of Fame.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and helped us move closer to a world without cancer.

If we forgot you (I doubt we will) please email us and let us know!


Mr. & Mrs. Milk

The Geanoules Family

Joseph Aiello

Alison Afflitto

Doug Arsham

Karen Arsham (times two!)

Ed Bahnatka

Lauren Baino

Josie Benedicto

Liz Bengston (times two!)

Allison Berg

Greg Bowne

Adriane Bonaparte

Sheila Burns

The Carlon Family

Margaret Carlon

William & Lisa Cleveland

Marie Connelly

Stephanie Coronesi

Brant Cruz

Brett Davidson

Joanne and Frank De Santo

Allison Diamond

The Di Paolo Family

Renee Dolgoff

Ed Downes

Carol Duchensky

Courtney Evans Hexter

George Faya

Talia Fein

Megan Tillo Foxtrot

Kellie Fuller

Bill Ganzenmuller

Cliff Garber

Mike Gauthier

Kevin Gawthrope

Anthony, Jo, AJ & Ty Geanoules

Dean Geanoules

Fran Geanoules

Helen Geanoules

Jessica Geanoules

Shane Geanoules

Maria Gerstenschlager

Saqi Ghosh

Dave Gill (times two!)

The Grady Family

Pete Grammaticas

Robin Hall

Bryna Hill

Jim Hill

Matt Hoffman

Jared Huizenga

Nicole Iacolina

Sandra Iacolina

Michael Iantosca

Diego J. (I can’t spell)

Claire Joyce

Michelle Kan

Dborah King

Kathleen Kyle

Robert Kyle

Matt Lambert

Russell Latime and Kathleen Cahill

Adrienne Lavidor-Berman

Andrew Leighton

Roger Limon

Angela Lin

Jeff Lipton

Susan Lunt

Laura Maffei

Mike Maffei

Alexis Mann

Robin Manoukian

Katie Matarazzo

Drisana McFadden

Kathleen McGilvray

Jeff McKenna

Jorge Melara

Jill Mengel

Lianne Meissner

Dan Millen

Thomas Moran

Andrew Morin

Jessica Muncherian

Alexis Nugent

Nate Nunley

John O’Neil (times two!)

Darren & Cynthia Owci

Caroline O’Keefe

Fil Pacino

Tina Paymaster (times two!)

Marcel Poyant

Cara Pearlman

Marilyn Podenoff

Brian Quilliam

Marian J. Rabel

Curry Raclin

Aileen Railey

Rainmaker Publicity

David Raff

Dave Raymond

Kirsten Rasmuson

Athena Rodriguez

Margaret Rubiski

Mary Schweibert

Meredith Shantz

Laurie Shaw

Ruth Seip

Nicole Silva

Floyd Sipe

Dave Slapin

Jessie Baquet-Smookler

Sarah Stafford

Ben Stanley

Angela Stennes

Jeff Stineback and Jenn Noe

Shawn Strout

Marcella Sugarboots (Megan)

Ali Swanson

Judy Theiller

Ben Todd

Clare and Paula Tota

Brenda Tsai

Andrew Tsiropinas (times two!)

Jim & Marylou Van Valkenburg

Jean and Ray Veltri

Barbara Turkell-White

Carol J. Walsh

Renee Webster

Evan West

Hugh Wyman

Carol Young

Tina Ziegler

Want to get on this list?  Head over to our donation pages and donate towards our cause:



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