Thanks Chante!

This was a very nice email to get.  A friend of the band “Build a Machine”, who’s playing the benefit show, contacted us out of the blue and offered to help us with our benefit event and fundraising.

She has offered to head around to local businesses and ask them if they’d like to donate products, services, or gift certificates to the events prizes.  She’s also offered to post a note at work asking her co-workers to donate to our cause.

It’s nice to know there are so many good people out there willing to help.

Thanks Chante!

Longest run yet

It’s been a while since I’ve written but just wanted to say thanks to all of our donors so far. We still have a long way to go and it’s only 8 weeks until the marathon.

Jen and I did a 14 mile run through the streets of Waltham and Lincoln this past Saturday morning. It was our longest run yet, and should get us well on our way to upcoming 16, 18, and (gasp!) 20 mile runs as we get closer to the big day.

I’ve discovered that during the first 25% of a run (regardless of distance) I feel the worst and I psych myself out the most. I come up with a lot of excuses for why I’m going to do a shorter one. My big excuse is that I’m getting older and that I should be doing everything gradually. Both Jen and I slacked during our vacation and Jen had her hamstring issue, so we didn’t stick to our schedule as usual. I used that as a BIG excuse this past Saturday, saying I was only going to do 10 or 11 miles. After the 2nd water stop, I stopped complaining and I felt a lot better.

We have the benefit event coming up 4 weeks from Friday and we’ll be starting to aggressively promote it this week to make sure all our friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else interested in helping fight cancer know about a really fun night.

We’ve got the Fender Strat guitar at our apartment and it’s VERY sweet. Can’t wait to give that thing away to someone at the show.

All for now. On tap for tonight: 5-7 miles.


p.s. It’s very nice of Boston Sports Club and Healthpoint to let us use the upstairs area and bathrooms before our group runs, but they should learn from the example of the other clubs we meet for group runs and NOT charge us $10 to use their facilities and showers for one morning.

Welcome Facebookers!

I just out a bunch of invitations to a group on Facebook to support my fundraising goal.  Hey guys!

A quick training update:  I’m fairly back on track and I don’t have many band shows until the marathon, so I should be able to get back into the full swing of things.  Jen and I are headed to Florida tomorrow morning but we’re going to keep training while we’re down there.  Running in high 70’s weather should make it a little easier.

Fundraising:  I’m making progress but I have a long way to go.  We’re planning a benefit event & show for late March.  Stay tuned.


Holy Cow

I’m more than half way to my fundraising goal. If I was super good at math (which I should be considering my job requires me to run statistical analysis all day long) I could tell you what percentage I am away from reaching my goal.  Instead, I’ll tell you we’ve raised $3254.52. Thanks Brett for the .52–it keeps things interesting.

And, I still have letters coming in the mail. Holy Cow.

On Wednesday we had a Dana Farber team meeting. One woman raised $20,000 by using matching gifts. Some companies will match any gift their employee makes and her company matches those. I’m jealous. My company is yet to donate! Oh, and this is the most money DFMC has raised yet. Awesome.

So, I want to give a shout out to the Geanoules Family–Holla. Gracias.

On to training, Andy and I ran the Cross Roads run again last night. It’s a 9 miler on the hills of the marathon course. Fun stuff. Last time I ran it I felt like hell. This time, we kicked its booty. We had an awesome run. Last time we ran ok, rocked the beurit table. This time, ran really well, sucked on the beurit table. I’ll take that.

Ok, back to work.



Yesterday, in the 20s, today, 60s!

Global warming is laughing at us and I’m smiling back. Andy and I braved it through freezing temps and were victim to endless chills and frozen fingers. However, today, we’ll run in shorts! What is going on? I’m not sure, but I’m keeping my mouth shut until April.

What’s new?

Fundraising: Well, we’re getting our plans together for fundraising and donations. Expect harassment soon! (kidding) Our shared google docs are a starting point, and we’re listing out local businesses and organizations that might be interested in donating or being a corporate sponsor for our Rock N Run event on March 27, 2009.  We start knocking on donor doors this week 🙂 If you know someone (or are someone) interested in helping us out, let us know! We appreciate every ounce of help.

Yes, we set an official date. We’re waiting for the line-up to firm-up, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Training: We are also beginning more challenging runs. Saturday is our first Dana Farber Marathon Challenge run, 11 miles–yay and yowzer. Our longest run will be Saturday. We’ll be out on the Cape on Sunday and hopefully we’ll be able to get the rest of our miles in for the week. I underestimated the difficulty of sticking to the workout schedule. I attempted (once) to run in the morning, with success I might add. Despite my enthusiasm the night before, dragging myself out of bed in the am is proving to be a difficult challenge. I do not like seeing 6 am on my clock.

And in the spirit of Christmas enjoy!

My friend Brett participated in the Santa Speedo Run last year, he strikes again this weekend.

My friend Brett participated in the Santa Speedo Run last year, and he strikes again this weekend.

Numb foot

After a bad couple of weeks not really sticking to the calendar, I’m back at it this week.

I got achilles tendonitis this past March and spent a while rehabbing it.  I’ve got inserts in my regular shoes and my sneakers, but I noticed that my other foot/leg has been feeling funky.  I think it’s overcompensating.  So I decided to take out the insert and see how it felt.

Strangely, it felt like someone rolled up an extra sock and put it under the ball of my foot.  It didn’t hurt but just went numb.  I’m hoping this is just my foot getting used to working normally again.  At least the other foot didn’t feel funky!

Sending out another fundraising update early next week.  LOTS of friends have said they’ll donate but they haven’t yet.  Get on it people!

This past weekend in Maine

Jen ran 2 days and I ran one.  We ran 4 miles from Doug’s house to the entrance to the Seeds of Peace camp.  When we started out, there were 2 stars in the sky and we could see 300 feet in front of us.  By the time we got back, the sky was full of stars and we couldn’t see a thing!  Next time, no running after dark in Maine.

Jen ran a TOUGH run from the house to the Casco AG store.  There’s a GIANT hill separate the 2 places, probably at about the halfway point.  I played home run derby instead.  I’ll get back on schedule this holiday week.

New donation from Alec Chevalier this past weekend, thanks Alec!


Thanks for stopping by. We’re still working on getting all this together. But before you know it there will be pictures, stories and postings.

❤ Jen