New sneakers and dry-fit socks

This is earth shattering news from training central!

I bought a second pair of sneakers this weekend at Sports Authority.  They are Asics Gel-Nimbus 10’s.  The WONDERFUL people over at Marathon Sports helped me with this purchase.  The Nike Zoom Vomero’s I have are sort of specialty sneakers, and I bought them at Marathon Sports, after an assessment of my running style from one of the guys there.  I gave them a call from Sports Authority and told them I had purchased my Vomero’s there recently and that I needed a 2nd pair of similar sneakers.  The helpful Marathon Sports man rattled off 3 types of sneakers I could go for, and I picked the Nimbus 10’s.

Here they are:

I also realized that my socks get wet when I run, especially when there’s rain or snow on the course (duh!)  I picked up some Nike Dry Fit socks and I’m looking forward to trying them out.  Not to get into too much gruesome details, but I’m pretty sure the moisture is what causes my pinky blisters.  Fun!  Hoping to put an end to those, or make them less pronounced.  (gross, right?)

Milk, out!