Will Andy’s MP3 of the week help the benefit show?

Check it out here! http://thephoenix.com/onthedownload

We secured our first big donation for the Benefit!

Guitar Center Boston is donating an electric guitar!

YES! George Rendulic, manager at the Boston location, ROCKS.


Hammy Hurts

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with my hammy–but it’s mad at me. It’s been tight the past few weeks and I slacked on stretching. Now it’s achy!

We were supposed to do the nine mile Cross Roads run tonight but the math doesn’t look good.

Tight Hammy + Freezing Cold + Hills = TROUBLE.

We’ll be running on the treadmill…for eight miles…maybe we can find a good TV movie.

What’s exciting? FUNDRAISING. Our planning for the benefit event is well underway! We’re looking for corporate sponsors and donations!

Please let us know if you can think of anything. Thanks!

I’ve been slacking a bit…

…ALTHOUGH 7 miles is fairly easy these days.  With all the shows I’ve been playing with the band, especially on weekends when the long runs are, I haven’t been keeping up my mileage.  I have shows today through Saturday and then only a few between next week and the marathon.  So it’s NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE time after that.  The Thursday night Crossroads runs are pretty amazing and I noticed marked improvement from my first to my second.  I only hit one trouble spot, at the top of Heartbreak Hill, but it was smooth sailing otherwise.  And then pizza and beer.

OK, off to battle the snow and I’ll be picking up my training and fundraising next week.

Kicking Butts and Taking Names

I ran 13 miles in 2 hours yesterday. I was on pace for just under 10 minute miles all the way through mile 6. On the way back, i felt great around mile 9 and picked up the pace to the finish.

It was FREEZING. Literally. My GU froze, the water and gatorade at the water stops froze, and a man had an sweat ICICLE on his hat! My scarf kept freezing. Despite the cold, I felt great.

Yesterday’s run makes me completely confident I will finish the marathon–without walking 🙂

Dear MBTA,

Thank you for not following schedules. For your total disregard for time. For offering minimal service with increasing fares.

This morning I waited 20 minutes for a bus that never showed and prevented me from doing my 14 mile run. I needed to take the bus to Watertown Sq. so I could meet a group of runners. The timing was perfect! I knew the scheduling of the bus was too good to be true. I would have enough time to walk to our meeting place with a few minutes to spare.

I watched the digital numbers change on my watch. After each transformation of the minutes, I became more unconvinced I’d be able to make it on time. I stood well rested at the bus stop with my wind breaker and water bottle in hand. I was so disappointed.

Thanks MBTA.

It is amazing

how much support everyone is giving for Uncle Pete. I am so proud and impressed with everyone’s strength this week. It is such a bittersweet (cliche, I know) time–I am excited and happy people are becoming part of something bigger than themselves by donating and supporting Dana Farber and me in the DF Marathon Challenge. But, at the same time it is so sad to lose someone and to see the pain in people’s eyes.

I didn’t know Uncle Pete very well, but I wish I could have known him more. He was in the Special Forces for the Navy–I would’ve loved to at least hear stories about that–I bet it was incredible.
Everyone told me how awesome he was and I wish I knew him better.  I’m happy I met everyone and heard about him through them.

I am very thankful for the family I met this weekend and the people who are touching me with their support.

I can’t quite put it into words how I feel.