This past weekend in Maine

Jen ran 2 days and I ran one.  We ran 4 miles from Doug’s house to the entrance to the Seeds of Peace camp.  When we started out, there were 2 stars in the sky and we could see 300 feet in front of us.  By the time we got back, the sky was full of stars and we couldn’t see a thing!  Next time, no running after dark in Maine.

Jen ran a TOUGH run from the house to the Casco AG store.  There’s a GIANT hill separate the 2 places, probably at about the halfway point.  I played home run derby instead.  I’ll get back on schedule this holiday week.

New donation from Alec Chevalier this past weekend, thanks Alec!

Sore today

Yesterday concluded my first full week of training.  It’s been a while that I’ve run this much in a week.  It was only about 13 miles, but I’m used to running a couple here and there.  I’m sore today but we have a rest day today, so I’ll be doing LOTS of stretching to keep things feeling good.

We have a group run in Watertown this Saturday.  I’ve got a show on Friday night, so I’m hoping the group run isn’t at 8am or some ungodly hour.

Yesterday was really nice.  For November 9th, it was VERY warm and the breeze from the ocean felt great.  In all the years I’ve lived on the Cape or been heading home to hang with my family, I had never been to the end of Squaw Island.  The “Private Way:  Do Not Enter” signs had something to do with it.  😉  It was startling to see views of Hyannis, Hyannisport, and Craigville that I had never seen before.  I had seen where I was standing from the other angle, but never looking back.

A beautiful morning on the Cape

I tuned my ears into the sound of the rustling breeze, breathed in the smell of salt and sea, and surveyed the beach on my left and marsh on my right as we ran along Ocean Street in Hyannis. It was a gorgeous and peaceful morning. I tried to etch the picturesque run into my mind–cognizant of the fact I would probably want to remember the moment in years to come.

We ran five miles along the water and through the gated community on Squaw Island. At the end of the road we followed a sand path to the water. Behind us an impressive house stared over us and out into the blue-green water. Across the way, a marshland of water and grasses swayed in the breeze. We took a few moments to breathe and stretch and headed back on our way.

Perhaps the best moment of the run, beside taking in the scenery’s beauty, was as we rounded a corner and a runner in a tank top mouthed something inaudible to us and raised her hands over her head like she just won the gold medal. I think she was excited because of the weather… (it was like 60-something this morning) It was strange.

What was also strange, or at least I’m not used to it, was the friendliness of the people as we jogged by. I haven’t heard so many “good mornings” since I’ve moved to Boston. It was nice.


Andy and I ran a couple of miles together.

We discussed the time he ran in knee high snow from Cambridge to the Opera house downtown to see the Nutcracker.

That’s it.

Tonight–Six miles. In the rain.

Rainy Trails

Rainy Trails

Next to the river last night

I ran seven miles. I ran from Central Square down to the Museum of Science and back. It was a chilly 30 degrees (or close to it according to the weatherman I was half-listening to before I left). My new gear kept me warm enough for me to actually enjoy the brisk air.

I’m a New Yorker–and I love the city (most of the time when I can avoid crowds and obscene heat or cold)–but last night I realized Boston is gorgeous. And, for the first time in about two years it really felt like home.

The skyline looked amazing and the tiniest-crescent moon sliver hovered above the Citgo sign. Crispy golden leaves crunched under my feet on the outlined, dirt bike path. The water reflected the buildings. As I ran toward the MOS, the silence was only interrupted by a few passing cars (it was very peaceful) and the thought of a stealthy criminal hiding under the bridge waiting to attack (it was a short-lived thought) .

As I ran along the Charles it hit me. I’m running the marathon. I’m running it for charity. I’m going to be doing this ALL winter. I was excited 🙂

I can’t wait to start doing longer runs. I was particularly excited because my Achilles tendinitis didn’t hurt at all!!!

❤ Jen

Starting my training this week

Yes, Jen is ahead of me in mileage but I’m starting my training this week.  Today is officially a “rest” day where I’m going to be doing some cross-training and stretching.  I’ll do my first official training run tomorrow.  So, it’s official!

We went to Marathon Sports on Boylston St. yesterday and geared up for the coming cold months.  We got some great help from a guy there…didn’t catch his name.  He outfitted me with a synthetic t-shirt and an outer layer, which he said should be enough to keep me warm.  I picked up a hat and also some thermal pants.  My outer layer is BRIGHT yellow, so it won’t be hard to spot me in the dark.  Jen picked up some winter gear and new sneakers too.  It wasn’t a cheap purchase, so please do your part by donating to our causes to make this all worth it!


5 Miles…

My longest run since I started training–three days ago. I know I’m a baby, but it’s cold outside. I suppose I should be happy it’s not 42 and snowing.

I’m looking forward to it after a day of greuling stats and numbers. Ick.

And I’m beating Andy in mileage already, not like it’s a competition or anything…. 🙂