Tomorrow is the big day

We trained for over 5 months leading up to tomorrow.  We ran through sleet, snow, slush…both in the air and on the ground.  We ran through single digit temperatures.  And up through today, we’ve raised over $13,000 for cancer research.

Tomorrow morning, we hop on a bus around 7am and head out to Hopkinton.  We’ll be hanging out at the special DFMC refuge until we head over to the starting corrals around 10am.  Our wave, the 2nd wave, will start at 10:30am and we’ll cross the start line around 10:40am.

You can track us by going to this site:

Andy’s bib number is 22299 and his birthday is 06/17/1975.

Jen’s bib number is 22406 and her birthday is 04/23/1983.

You can also see where we’ll approximately be where on the marathon path, in case you’re out there waiting to yell and scream at us:

We both have some butterflies but we’re feeling good physically and mentally.  We’re headed over to the runner’s expo at the Hynes Convention Center today, which should REALLY get us in the spirit of the marathon.  Tonight, we have our Dana Farber pasta dinner, which includes a presentation about the work that’s being done at Dana Farber as a direct result of our fundraising.  They also told us that some of our pictures from the Rock n’ Run event will be in the slideshow, in front of the 1800+ people at the party.

That’s all for now.  We’ll give you an update after the big 26.2 miles tomorrow.

Thanks for all your support, both physically, mentally, and philanthropically!

See you out there!

-Andy and Jen