Holy Cow

I’m more than half way to my fundraising goal. If I was super good at math (which I should be considering my job requires me to run statistical analysis all day long) I could tell you what percentage I am away from reaching my goal.  Instead, I’ll tell you we’ve raised $3254.52. Thanks Brett for the .52–it keeps things interesting.

And, I still have letters coming in the mail. Holy Cow.

On Wednesday we had a Dana Farber team meeting. One woman raised $20,000 by using matching gifts. Some companies will match any gift their employee makes and her company matches those. I’m jealous. My company is yet to donate! Oh, and this is the most money DFMC has raised yet. Awesome.

So, I want to give a shout out to the Geanoules Family–Holla. Gracias.

On to training, Andy and I ran the Cross Roads run again last night. It’s a 9 miler on the hills of the marathon course. Fun stuff. Last time I ran it I felt like hell. This time, we kicked its booty. We had an awesome run. Last time we ran ok, rocked the beurit table. This time, ran really well, sucked on the beurit table. I’ll take that.

Ok, back to work.