It is amazing

how much support everyone is giving for Uncle Pete. I am so proud and impressed with everyone’s strength this week. It is such a bittersweet (cliche, I know) time–I am excited and happy people are becoming part of something bigger than themselves by donating and supporting Dana Farber and me in the DF Marathon Challenge. But, at the same time it is so sad to lose someone and to see the pain in people’s eyes.

I didn’t know Uncle Pete very well, but I wish I could have known him more. He was in the Special Forces for the Navy–I would’ve loved to at least hear stories about that–I bet it was incredible.
Everyone told me how awesome he was and I wish I knew him better.  I’m happy I met everyone and heard about him through them.

I am very thankful for the family I met this weekend and the people who are touching me with their support.

I can’t quite put it into words how I feel.