Hopefully that’s about how bad it will be

We did another 7 miles last night, in addition to 7 on Friday.  We were thinking about doing 10 but we figured the sub 20 degree weather was enough of an added level of difficulty.

We’re hoping this is about how bad it will be through the winter.  The winters have been fairly mild the last few years and temps haven’t really stuck in the teens or single digits, so we’re hoping that 20 will be the average of the BAD.

And it wasn’t too bad!  As our esteemed salesman at Marathon Sports said, “You should start out a little chilly for the first few minutes.”  We were used to that but last night’s “few minutes” lasted about 3 or 4 miles, and then we both said, “This ain’t so bad!”  The headwinds on the Mem Drive side were tough though and my numb foot kicked in for the last couple miles.  Hoping that’s just my foot getting used to working again.

We did BU Bridge to Museum of Science.  That’s 5.6 miles plus the distance from our place to the river (.7 miles each way).  Here’s the Charles River Running map so you know what these loops are all about:

Charles River Running Map

Charles River Running Map

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