I cheated.

Thanksgiving. I gave thanks for everything I have and reflected on how much my life has changed throughout the past two years. I am especially thankful for my family and how close we’ve become.

I have two nurses in my immediate family. My stepmother Loretta works in the ICU at Stony Brook Hospital and my Aunt Julie works on an oncology floor of the same hospital. I wish everyone with cancer had them as their team or someone as good or better.

They are a super-team drilling and grilling every nurse caring for Loretta’s cousin Pete, who is fighting an intense battle with cancer–he’s going through radiation, etc. He’s been in and out of the hospital during the last few weeks. He was sick again and they nurses released him from the ER because they didn’t know what was wrong. Through their medicial expertise and (common sense) deduction they figured he was dehyrated, which was causing some not-so-nice side effects.

But to the point I want to make, Loretta was on the phone everyday pulling information out of the nurses giving him care. Question after question she drew out the information she needed to figure out what was happening with him (before the nurses caring for him were clued in).  It was very impressive and made me proud.

I did run while I was home! Go me.

There is a little village named Poquott near my end of Port Jefferson. I ran down by the water admiring all the gorgeous houses and the beautiful water. It was a challenging run. I felt Thanksgiving in my tummy, legs and arms. I was a brick. And to top off my five miler, a GINORMOUS hill at the end. It was the second hardest run I’ve done since I started training.

I skipped yesterday. I was bad. I didn’t run my 7-10 today either. But I did run about four, in the pouring rain, fast.

I’m ordering some dinner-mmmm pizza and planting my booty on the couch.