A beautiful morning on the Cape

I tuned my ears into the sound of the rustling breeze, breathed in the smell of salt and sea, and surveyed the beach on my left and marsh on my right as we ran along Ocean Street in Hyannis. It was a gorgeous and peaceful morning. I tried to etch the picturesque run into my mind–cognizant of the fact I would probably want to remember the moment in years to come.

We ran five miles along the water and through the gated community on Squaw Island. At the end of the road we followed a sand path to the water. Behind us an impressive house stared over us and out into the blue-green water. Across the way, a marshland of water and grasses swayed in the breeze. We took a few moments to breathe and stretch and headed back on our way.

Perhaps the best moment of the run, beside taking in the scenery’s beauty, was as we rounded a corner and a runner in a tank top mouthed something inaudible to us and raised her hands over her head like she just won the gold medal. I think she was excited because of the weather… (it was like 60-something this morning) It was strange.

What was also strange, or at least I’m not used to it, was the friendliness of the people as we jogged by. I haven’t heard so many “good mornings” since I’ve moved to Boston. It was nice.