Next to the river last night

I ran seven miles. I ran from Central Square down to the Museum of Science and back. It was a chilly 30 degrees (or close to it according to the weatherman I was half-listening to before I left). My new gear kept me warm enough for me to actually enjoy the brisk air.

I’m a New Yorker–and I love the city (most of the time when I can avoid crowds and obscene heat or cold)–but last night I realized Boston is gorgeous. And, for the first time in about two years it really felt like home.

The skyline looked amazing and the tiniest-crescent moon sliver hovered above the Citgo sign. Crispy golden leaves crunched under my feet on the outlined, dirt bike path. The water reflected the buildings. As I ran toward the MOS, the silence was only interrupted by a few passing cars (it was very peaceful) and the thought of a stealthy criminal hiding under the bridge waiting to attack (it was a short-lived thought) .

As I ran along the Charles it hit me. I’m running the marathon. I’m running it for charity. I’m going to be doing this ALL winter. I was excited 🙂

I can’t wait to start doing longer runs. I was particularly excited because my Achilles tendinitis didn’t hurt at all!!!

❤ Jen

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